April 25

How Hiring the Wrong Miami Plumber Cost Me a Fortune

There is one story I still need to share with you. It is an eye-opening experience that I have forgotten (perhaps intentionally) until today. I was binge-watching on Netflix this morning and something onscreen reminded me of that one day when I hired a plumbing contractor in Miami to update my bathroom’s fixtures.

plumber MiamiI was still unmarried back then and living alone in Florida when I decided that I wanted to update my bathroom fixtures to water-saving models. It will help me save big on my water bills, I thought. Hastily, I hired a plumber without doing much research and BOY what a big mistake it was!

The tech arrived an hour late of schedule, without any message at all that he will be late or if he will ever come. I told him off for not being a professional who values the time of his customers. Even though he apologized, he had this “what do I care” expression on his face. I shrugged it off and let him do his job.

Less than 30 minutes later, he came out of the bathroom and announced that everything’s done.  I was impressed by his quick work, so I paid him his service fee and let him leave. Several days later, I was convinced that something is off about that plumber’s work. Issues after issues emerge, until I noticed I was paying more than saving.  After that terrible experience, I promised not to hire an unskilled Miami plumber again. Thankfully, I discovered Douglas Orr. I hired them for my home’s plumbing. I have never used other service provider since then.

It’s true, water-efficient bathroom fixtures will help you save money on your water bills, but be sure to hire a licensed and skilled Miami plumbing professional to install them for you so you won’t end up paying more for errors and damages.

April 11

Why Homeowners Need to Hire Plumbers in West Palm Beach

A few weeks ago, I posted about my clogged toilet dilemma that went from being a minor issue to a nerve-wracking disaster in a matter of days.  It’s an eye-opening moment for me that made me realized how important it is to never overlook a plumbing issue no matter how small it may seem, and to let the right people handle the problem.

I would give this advice to anyone, particularly to someone I know, who has brought a home in South Florida. He is a close friend of mine who emailed me last night asking for an advice for his home’s plumbing problem. I’d gladly say this to him: “Dude, you don’t have to spend hours after hours learning how to do repairs. Just hire a professional plumber in West Palm Beach.” That’s it, short and exact. He should take my word for it, so he wouldn’t have to endure the same terrible experience that I had to go through to learn any better.

plumbers West Palm BeachI know a lot of men know how to fix minor issues, like myself. Some can even perform complicated plumbing repairs. If you prefer to carry out DIY plumbing repairs or installation in your home, I guess that’s fine. As long as you make sure that you know what you are doing and do everything right. And of course, if anything goes wrong, don’t blame it on anybody.

To my old pal Antony, if you are reading this (which I am sure you are because I plan on sending you the link to this post) go and hire Plumbers 911 for your plumbing trouble instead of going about asking all of your buddies for plumbing tips. They have highly-trained, licensed techs offering drain cleaning in West Palm Beach and other reasonably priced services.

Check out their video:


February 17

Lesson Learned: A Good Plumbing Is Vital In Any North Miami Household

Plumbing North Miami - OrrThe title of this post says it all: a good plumbing is essential in any household. That is exactly what I learned from my experience last week. This is a story that I am not proud to tell, but something that I am willing to share with any homeowner in North Miami because it is a lesson anyone could benefit from.

Just last week, my two girls and I are busy doing some crafts (yes, I am a cool dad like that) in the living room when we heard some strange noise from somewhere around the house. As it turned out, it was a gurgling sound coming from the toilet. It was apparently clogged, with evidence that someone had attempted to flush lumps of toilet paper down it.

From some strange yet wrong reasons, I decided not to do anything to fix the blockage. I just tried flushing several times and left it alone. It seemed like an issue that will go away on its own anyway. But man how wrong I was! A few uses later, the clog got worse than it was before.

I know better now, to never leave a clogged toilet unfixed for too long. Take my word, just learn how to fix minor clogs on your own and know when to seek professional help.

Hire a plumbing expert in North Miami to repair any plumbing trouble in your home. But don’t just hire any plumber. Last week during my ordeal with our gurgling toilet, I decided to call Douglas Orr Plumbing. At least for once, I am confident that I have not made a mistake. They are fast, skillful and very professional – and they didn’t tell me off for not calling them right away. Ha ha

If you ever need a certified plumber to do toilet repairs in North Miami, you can contact Douglas Orr Plumbing at this number: (305) 887-1687

September 7

Easy Pig Worksheet For Roasting

pig worksheetRoasting a whole pig can be daunting for a first timer, which is why I’ve come up with this easy guide to the perfect pig roast with your La Caja China Grill box. Check out this easy-to-follow pig worksheet!

  1. Carefully put your whole pig in between the two racks of your box, but be careful not to poke holes in the skin while you do so
  2. There are 4 S-Hooks that you can use to keep the pig in place. Place the rack handles away from the pig.
  3. Insert the drip tray in to the box, and then put the pig, rib-side up inside.
  4. Use the Ash Pan to cover the box and secure the charcoal grid over it.
  5. You can now add charcoal onto the charcoal grid and ignite it. Spread the hot coals evenly inside the box before lighting it.
  6. Cooking time starts the moment that you light your coals, so keep an eye on the timer. Add more charcoal to the grilling box after an hour, and repeat this over the next 3 hours. Read this article to learn about whole hog cooking times.
  7. Remove the collected ash by shaking off the charcoal grid after three hours, then flip the pig over to crisp the skin. This is made simple with the La Caja China patented system, so just slide the lift rack as you pull it upward.
  8. Slice small holes into the skin of your pig with a knife to release excess fat and help the skin crisp.
  9. The final stretch is to cover your roasting box with the ash pan and charcoal grid, but don’t add anymore charcoal to the box.
  10. Finally, keep an eye on the crispness of the skin by checking every 10 minutes. You know how you like your pig skin crackled, so when it is to your liking, your pig is ready to eat.

See? It’s not too difficult to roast a whole pig. And to make the preparation easier for you, here are side dishes for pig roast recipes. Want to try another hog roast recipe? Watch this video and get Matt Tebbutt’s step-by-step guide!

August 2

Choosing the Right Size of Pig to Roast

pig roasting box
photo credit: steamykitchen.com

We all know how popular a roasted whole pig is. It could make a simple gathering into something special. Prepare it, add a few side dishes and rice and you’re all set! But how do you choose the size of the whole pig? It’s expensive so here are some tips to help you choose the perfect size pig:

In choosing the perfect pig size for your party, we can follow the general rule of thumb which is 40-50% meat produced from the raw butchered weight. For example a 50lb pig gives you 20-25lb cooked meat and most probably will feed around 50 people. Consider setting a 1lb raw pig weight per person for a mixed group, for heavy eaters, allot at least 1.5lb each.

Cooking using a pig roasting box like La Caja China gets a better yield compared to cooking over direct heat as you may lose more of the belly meat.

You also need to consider the breed in choosing your pig. When considering Berkshire pigs, note that they have a higher fat content so you may need a bigger pig as the fat will melt away as it cooks.

Younger pigs have juicier and tastier meat compared to older ones hence less time and charcoal is needed for cooking.  If you have an older pig, ensure that slow cooking is done so the heat could thoroughly penetrate into the deepest areas of the pig. In cooking pigs of any size, the temperature should reach 72deg before serving. If cooking your pig over charcoal, allow at least 1 hour for every 10lb of uncooked meat.

If you want to buy a cheaper pig, choose the ones over 100lb in weight. Remember though that bigger pigs need more cooking time and smaller ones only need at least 3 hours in rotisserie boxes.

For whole pigs, shop around first to get a good price and order in advance as most butchers do not have whole pigs for retail.

July 24

3 Ways and Prep Time to Cook Your Pig Roast

homemade barbecue sauceIn all occasions at home such as casual hangouts, events, parties, more often than not, you personally prepare a good meal for your visitors. At times you would prefer to go light and serve salads and sandwiches but full course meals will leave you no choice but to serve heavy meals. If you want to save on ingredients, why not serve a pig (whole or half of it) and some sidings?

Here are some ways to cook a pig and the average time spent for each process. Cooking time varies depending on the process so it is best to know all and determine which one will work for you and your schedule.


Cooking in a grill will result in delectable pig roast. With a grill you may cook the smallest pig weighing about 75lbs. Using wood or charcoal, heat your grill up to 250 Fahrenheit. In using a grill, it is best that the lid is closed down to bring up the grill temperatures up quickly and steadily. If you are planning to cook your pig this way, prepare it the night before and cook 6 to 8 hours before. To ensure that you pig is thoroughly cooked, internal temperature should be at least 170 Fahrenheit.


A pig less than 90lbs is preferable when you are planning to roast pig it in a spit. It is must that you choose a young pig in all your roasted meals as their flesh is still soft and will basically melt as you cook it resulting to oozing and juicy mouthwatering meal. When roasting a whole pork, prepare it at least 10 hours before as cooking time lasts from 4-8 hours.

Cajun Microwave

If you are planning to use a Cajun microwave to roast your pig, heat it up at least an hour or so to ensure that that coals are hot enough. A 50 pounder pig cooks in a 350 to 375 Fahrenheit heat. Mind the charcoal and add every 2 hours. It takes about 6-8 hours to cook a pig depending on its size and your microwave’s temperature.

You can do so much with your pig roast! Prepare this, get the perfect homemade barbecue sauce and your side dishes and your guests will thank you for filling their tummies!