September 7

Easy Pig Worksheet For Roasting

pig worksheetRoasting a whole pig can be daunting for a first timer, which is why I’ve come up with this easy guide to the perfect pig roast with your La Caja China Grill box. Check out this easy-to-follow pig worksheet!

  1. Carefully put your whole pig in between the two racks of your box, but be careful not to poke holes in the skin while you do so
  2. There are 4 S-Hooks that you can use to keep the pig in place. Place the rack handles away from the pig.
  3. Insert the drip tray in to the box, and then put the pig, rib-side up inside.
  4. Use the Ash Pan to cover the box and secure the charcoal grid over it.
  5. You can now add charcoal onto the charcoal grid and ignite it. Spread the hot coals evenly inside the box before lighting it.
  6. Cooking time starts the moment that you light your coals, so keep an eye on the timer. Add more charcoal to the grilling box after an hour, and repeat this over the next 3 hours. Read this article to learn about whole hog cooking times.
  7. Remove the collected ash by shaking off the charcoal grid after three hours, then flip the pig over to crisp the skin. This is made simple with the La Caja China patented system, so just slide the lift rack as you pull it upward.
  8. Slice small holes into the skin of your pig with a knife to release excess fat and help the skin crisp.
  9. The final stretch is to cover your roasting box with the ash pan and charcoal grid, but don’t add anymore charcoal to the box.
  10. Finally, keep an eye on the crispness of the skin by checking every 10 minutes. You know how you like your pig skin crackled, so when it is to your liking, your pig is ready to eat.

See? It’s not too difficult to roast a whole pig. And to make the preparation easier for you, here are side dishes for pig roast recipes. Want to try another hog roast recipe? Watch this video and get Matt Tebbutt’s step-by-step guide!