February 17

Lesson Learned: A Good Plumbing Is Vital In Any North Miami Household

Plumbing North Miami - OrrThe title of this post says it all: a good plumbing is essential in any household. That is exactly what I learned from my experience last week. This is a story that I am not proud to tell, but something that I am willing to share with any homeowner in North Miami because it is a lesson anyone could benefit from.

Just last week, my two girls and I are busy doing some crafts (yes, I am a cool dad like that) in the living room when we heard some strange noise from somewhere around the house. As it turned out, it was a gurgling sound coming from the toilet. It was apparently clogged, with evidence that someone had attempted to flush lumps of toilet paper down it.

From some strange yet wrong reasons, I decided not to do anything to fix the blockage. I just tried flushing several times and left it alone. It seemed like an issue that will go away on its own anyway. But man how wrong I was! A few uses later, the clog got worse than it was before.

I know better now, to never leave a clogged toilet unfixed for too long. Take my word, just learn how to fix minor clogs on your own and know when to seek professional help.

Hire a plumbing expert in North Miami to repair any plumbing trouble in your home. But don’t just hire any plumber. Last week during my ordeal with our gurgling toilet, I decided to call Douglas Orr Plumbing. At least for once, I am confident that I have not made a mistake. They are fast, skillful and very professional – and they didn’t tell me off for not calling them right away. Ha ha

If you ever need a certified plumber to do toilet repairs in North Miami, you can contact Douglas Orr Plumbing at this number: (305) 887-1687