July 14


Hello, my name is Crowe, a father to 2 wonderful little girls. I work full time and blogs have been my way to de-stress.

Welcome to our humble blog! You’d often see me blog about plumbing, DIY, carpentry, etc while sometimes my girls contribute with toy and planner reviews.

If you want to send us stuff for review, check out this list below:

Crowe, main blogger:

  • carpentry tools and equipment
  • plumbing tools and equipment
  • DIY tools and equipment

Cindy, 16:

  • planners
  • paper products
  • planning tools and equipment, you know toys for the big girls
  • makeup
  • baking supplies, tools and equipment

Crizzy, 11:

  • Gadgets
  • More gadgets

So there :) May this list help you.

Shoot us an email cris@craciunonline.com for media kits, inquiries, etc.