July 24

3 Ways and Prep Time to Cook Your Pig Roast

homemade barbecue sauceIn all occasions at home such as casual hangouts, events, parties, more often than not, you personally prepare a good meal for your visitors. At times you would prefer to go light and serve salads and sandwiches but full course meals will leave you no choice but to serve heavy meals. If you want to save on ingredients, why not serve a pig (whole or half of it) and some sidings?

Here are some ways to cook a pig and the average time spent for each process. Cooking time varies depending on the process so it is best to know all and determine which one will work for you and your schedule.


Cooking in a grill will result in delectable pig roast. With a grill you may cook the smallest pig weighing about 75lbs. Using wood or charcoal, heat your grill up to 250 Fahrenheit. In using a grill, it is best that the lid is closed down to bring up the grill temperatures up quickly and steadily. If you are planning to cook your pig this way, prepare it the night before and cook 6 to 8 hours before. To ensure that you pig is thoroughly cooked, internal temperature should be at least 170 Fahrenheit.


A pig less than 90lbs is preferable when you are planning to roast pig it in a spit. It is must that you choose a young pig in all your roasted meals as their flesh is still soft and will basically melt as you cook it resulting to oozing and juicy mouthwatering meal. When roasting a whole pork, prepare it at least 10 hours before as cooking time lasts from 4-8 hours.

Cajun Microwave

If you are planning to use a Cajun microwave to roast your pig, heat it up at least an hour or so to ensure that that coals are hot enough. A 50 pounder pig cooks in a 350 to 375 Fahrenheit heat. Mind the charcoal and add every 2 hours. It takes about 6-8 hours to cook a pig depending on its size and your microwave’s temperature.

You can do so much with your pig roast! Prepare this, get the perfect homemade barbecue sauce and your side dishes and your guests will thank you for filling their tummies!